Motorcycle Servicing

You've made a major investment in purchasing your motorcycle, and now you want it taking care of. After all it represents new technology, sophisticated electronics and highly advanced engineering, which need professional, diligent, trained staff, with extensive testing facilities to iron out any problems you may encounter - or equally to set up and service any part of your vehicles engine or suspension, so you can get the maximum in power, handling and most importantly - safety.

We can help, give us a call on 01745 822922

Between our staff and Andrew, we have over 95 years experience in the after sales dept. and our  technicians regularly receive factory training every year. Also between our four technicians, they have over eighty years of experience in the trade, so they have seen many changes, and been amongst the evolving sophisticated world of motorcycle development. We also have the latest IT equipment and each service technician has a dedicated computer to be able to check service records at the factory and update your machine.

Gary Blanchard, Steve Jones & Stephen Cantle service all makes of motorcyle and take care of PDI’s on our new machines and also reconditioning of used machines.

Andrew Wood is our insurance expert and arranges all of our collection and deliveries within the U.K, Clive Holland is our Road Tester and Will Mollat is our Service Manager.

Our constantly updated extensively equipped 5000 Sq foot workshop allows us to perform any tasks needed to perfect any problem, and carry out neccessary routine maintenance and repair tasks, as well as engine overhauls, and major performance updates or chassis changes. Please ask for Andrew or Will for any enquiries you may have on these matters.

We also pride ourselves with a unique time recording system that charges you in minute units of the amount of labour used, and where possible we provide fixed price servicing for many models and manufacturers. We use a computer barcode system where mechanics swipe on and off work using your individual job card, which ensures you only pay for the time that they work on your machine.

We are unique, in that we fully test ride your machine for a minimum of 5 miles  to make sure that each adjustment or repair is of the highest quality, then sign off the test ride and update our records.

Once the mechanic and test rider are happy with your vehicle it is given a second full check over and then chalk marked in an individual colour, only applicable to that mechanic to show that any safety related nuts and bolts and servicing parts have been checked for tightness and fit after the test ride is complete. Only then will the bike be released, when we are totally happy.